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Great-Value Tasting: Bubble of Luxury & Blood of Jupiter

Bubble of Luxury & Blood of Jupiter: Champagne x Sangiovese

Sangiovese derives its name from the Latin “sanguis Jovis” – literally translated as “the blood of Jupiter”.  Sangiovese is most frequently used as a blend in Chianti, and gained reputation as the sole component as Brunello in Montalcino.

/// Near 30 Champagne and Sangiovese ///
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Date: 23 April 2022 (Sat)
Time: 12-3pm / 3:30-6pm (full) Please choose session here after payment
Venue: Zaumei, 33 Ship Street, Wanchai (instagram)
Language: English
Tasting Badge: HK$350 for 1, HK$680 for 2
($100 ticket refund upon purchase $1500 or above of wines)
** Each will receive a complimentary wine glass (HK$48)

Pandemic Arrangement: Seats will be arranged as 2-person group.

Ticket fee will be fully refunded if the venue is shut down by HKSAR government .

  • All guests need to be vaccinated, seated according to dine-in regulation and social distancing requirement.
  • All guests need to register with LeaveHomeSave at door.
  • No walk-ins will be accepted.
  • Testing/isolation-required guests will not be accepted.
  • Please wear mask except tasting. 
  • Temperature check and hand sterilisation will be conducted upon your arrival. 
  • Please take care of your own wine glass, trash or liquid disposal during the event.

Spitting is recommended to avoid excessive intake of alcohol. Spittoons are provided onsite.
Each tasting badge can be used by one person and redeem 30ml for each wine.


/// 近30款香檳及桑嬌維塞 ///

Sangiovese一詞源自於拉丁文 Sanguis Jovis,意為「宙斯之血」(the blood of Jove),希臘神話的宙斯,即是羅馬神話的朱庇特,有宙斯天神之寶的意思。這品種在不同產區有不一樣的稱號,在享譽國際的 Montalcino 產區,當地人稱其 Brunello。Sangiovese主要被種植在義大利中部,最傳統與最經典的產區莫非於 Toscana ,及裡面的核心產酒區 Chianti 及 Chianti Classico。


時間: 下午12-3時 (早場 – 已滿) | 下午3:30-6時 (黃昏場 – 已滿) 請付款後在此選擇時間
地點: 灣仔船街33號酒未 (instagram)
語言: 英文
入場品酒證: 每位HK$350 (一個人慢慢試勁充實!按此購票) | 二人同行 HK$680

每位可免費獲得專業酒杯乙個  (價值$48)。

防疫措施: 場地設置會以「餐廳2人座位」的形式舉行。


  • 根據最新堂食要求,參加者需要展示有效疫苗通行證及使用「安心出行」,並且遵守堂食座位及限聚距離要求。
  • 只限預約定,不設即時購票。
  • 當日需要強檢及隔離人士恕不招待。
  • 建議適當地吐酒,避免過量攝取酒精。
  • 場內備有吐酒桶,歡迎使用。每個入場品酒證只供一位使用,並可每款酒兌換30毫升。
  • 飲食以外所有時間請帶好口罩。
  • 入場前請量度體溫及消毒雙手。
  • 請自行處理使用後的酒杯、吐酒杯及私人垃圾。

 條款 Terms & Conditions:

  • Anyone aged below 18 years old are forbidden to enter the event. 18歲以下人士恕不招待。
  • The event will be rescheduled if any Red/Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 hoisted 4 hours before the event. 如果天文台在開始前4小時懸掛紅、黑色暴雨警告或者8號烈風訊號,活動將會改期,敬請留意。


Champagne / Sparkling:

Champagne AR Lenoble
Champagne Boizel
Champagne Bonville
Champagne Charles de Cazanove
Champagne Godmé Sabine
Champagne Gosset
Champagne Henriot
Champagne Laherte Frères
Champagne Louis Roederer
Champagne Victoire


Castello Romitorio
Il Molino di Grace
La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi
La Gerla
Poggio Scalette
Villa Antinori

Snack Menu 小食餐單

Due to food safety, outside food or drink are not allowed. Please order from snack menu. 由於食物安全原則,酒館禁自帶外來食物或飲料,如有需要可即場餐點。

  • Homemade Edamame 枝豆 HK$18
  • Fried Wonton 炸雲吞 HK$58
  • Homemade Fries 炸薯條 HK$48
  • Chinese Century Egg with Pickled Ginger 酸薑溏心皮蛋 HK$38
  • Classic Cold Cut Platter 鬼佬拼盤 $88 (例 Regular) HK$48 (小 Small)
  • Hong Kong Platter 香港拼盤 $88 (例 Regular) HK$48 (小 Small)
  • Mont d’Or with Bread 金山芝士連麵包 HK$358




12:00 - 18:00






Zaumei, 33 Ship Street, Wan Chai